At the state line

Its been a busy summer for the store so we have not had much of a chance to get out and get dirty.  However Monday was a great day for a pick outside of town, where there is no cell service.  We could hear the prairie dogs chirping and watch them playing.  They maybe a ranchers worst nightmare but they were pretty cute to watch.  There were mountains of furniture, you cant be afraid to dive right in.  We found some pretty fun pieces that we can't wait to fix up.  Here are some pictures of what we found in all of their dirty glory!  We all find those pieces that we know have potential. 
(Left to Right: Falan, Briana, and Leah)
We took our friend Leah on her first pick.  We had the sun in our face so don't mind the squint y faces. LOL

Don't be afraid to dive in.

(Briana found herself a log)
We always have to show you the scale of some of the things we find.  Anyone for a table?

Part of a pile that we made.

Some pretty fun lights and galvanized tubs.

Some furniture that will be getting a little face lift.  

(left to right: Tammy, Leah, Briana, and Falan)
One of our piles we collected and the gang that dug it out.

(Left to Right: Leah, Briana, Falan, Tammy)
The gangs all here except Jeff is taking the picture.

(Left to Right: Briana, Leah, Falan and Tammy)
Oh the potential!


(Falan and the groovy avocado green chair)
Who doesn't love this green?  Okay I know not everyone does.  

What a great little camper.  I know its hard to see but this little gem is going to shine.
Some pretty nice pieces.  All in all it was a pretty great day.  You never know what you are going to find.  We hope to go back soon and get some more treasures, we just ran out of time.  So stay tuned to see some of these pieces transform.